Dock Shelters

Standard Dock Shelters

Standard dock shelters are used where high thermal insulation is not required. It consists of an aluminum profile attached to the outer wall of the loading compartment, a PVC sheet surrounding the profile, and black PVC coated sheets at the front to stick to the truck.

Inflatable Dock Shelters

Inflatable dock shelters are generally used in areas where thermal insulation is highly required. Inflatable dock shelters inflates the top and side cushions, by a fan, until they stick to the walls of the vehicle. This system is definitely the most practical and convenient solution because it automatically adapts to any isothermal vehicles size.

Dock Shelters with Cushions

Dock shelters with cushions are used to minimize air permeability when approaching the loading areas of small vehicles other than trucks. The dimensions of these dock shelters are determined according to the size of the sectional doors used in the loading area. The clear passage dimensions of the sectional doors and the interior dimensions of the dock shelters will be the same. Although the standard cushion widths are 300mm, pad widths can be increased upon request.