HI070 hinge door fastener used in all hinged cold storage doors.
Automation system can be added to all our of PFI sliding doors, except control atmosphere sliding doors. Our motors are applied on top of door blade. In this way, you don’t need an extra space for motor application. Motor can be added to all desired PFI manual sliding doors without the need for any extra material in the upcoming period. Our automation systems are equipped with an encoder card. By this way, you can adjust the settings of the motor and the operating speed to suit your needs. Since the door settings are saved on our card, it does not require adjustment again. Partial opening, automatic closing, photocell, interior opening button are in standard for all automatic PFI doors. Additionally, to avoid something stuck between the blade and frame, there is a safety system which perceives the crash. If desired, accessories such as remote control, metal detector, pull cord or radar can be added to automation system.