Hinged Doors

Single Blade Hinged Doors

PFI hinged doors are manufactured between 70 mm and 150 mm door thicknesses. PFI hinged doors offer 3 different frame alternatives as PVC, aluminium and stainless steel. Door blades has different covering alternatives as pre-painted galvanized sheet, PVC coated galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet. They are characterized by the aluminum blade edge and by the internal push closure and lock. PFI hinged doors can be used between +80 degrees and -80 degrees.

Double Blade Hinged Doors

It works as double-bladed by opening rightward and leftward. It is available both for positive temperature with a 9 cm blade thickness (CTN9), and negative temperature application with a 12 cm blade thickness provided with heaters (CBT12). It is used in cases that require passage area that a single blade cannot cover (proposed above 130 cm). The preferred side is designed as blind frame by adding special anodized aluminium and strike plate. They are equiped with an external locking system and internal panic-button.

Rail Passage Hinged Doors

PFI monorail hinged doors (CPG) are specially produced according to the monorail dimensions. By using a special hygienic brush and panels of the same color as the door installed inside the frame, we are minimizing air passage. They are manufactured as single or double blade. Our technical department is at full disposal to send technical drawings, to make feasibility evaluations, especially when special applications are concerned.