Single Blade Hinged Doors

PFI hinged doors are basically divided into two type. The doors of the rooms to be kept at 0⁰ and above temperatures are called the cold room door, and the doors of the rooms to be kept below 0⁰ temperatures are called the freezer room door. Single or double blade options are available. All PFI hinged doors can be equipped with an automatic door closer, a viewing window, a kick plate, etc.


Hinged door frames are made from 2 different materials (PVC or anodized Aluminum).  
All hinged doors have reinforcement sheets inside the frame for the accessories. 
There is a one line of heating cable inside aluminum framed freezer room hinged doors.
Our hinged cold storage door frames are suitable for all kinds of hygienic washing.


Cold room doors (70 and 90mm) and freezer room doors (90, 120 and 150mm) are available with different thickness blade options.
Hinged cold storage door blades are produced as monoblock with 40-43 kg/m³ CFC-free polyurethane injected. 
The blade-edge profile of all our hinged cold room doors is made from anodized aluminum.
In all our hinged cold storage doors, there are reinforcement sheets inside the blade for all the accessories.
In cold room doors, there is an one line of EPDM gaskets on the door blade, and a double line of EPDM gaskets in freezer room doors (except CBT9). There is a single line of heating cable inside the gasket in the freezer room doors.
Door blade is produced as in standard 0.5 mm thickness 130µ PVC coated galvanized sheet. It can also be produced as 25µ pre-painted galvanized sheet with any RAL color or A304 quality stainless sheet upon request. If desired, sheet thicknesses can be produced in the range of 0.5 and 1.2 mm.
Our hinged cold room door blades are suitable for all kinds of hygienic washing.


We have different options for any kind of application.

You can request technical drawings of our products from our technical department and request an exploration to make feasibility assessments. For more detailed information about our hinged doors, you can download our catalog or directly contact us.